Group standing for the Invocation  led by Chaplain, Mildred Mallard

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Our next Club Meeting will be Thursday, September 20, 12 Noon, New Garden Friends Meeting.

This will be our 62nd Annual Installation and Awards Luncheon. We are fortunate to have Naomi Johnson as our Installing Officer. Naomi is a Past Governor, the Current Secretary and Incoming 2018-2019 Governor, NC District East Civitan.

If you have friends you would like to have view Civitan at it's finest, encourage them to attend with you on September 20.

At our last club meeting on September 6, Janet Shepherd filled in for Hayes Ratledge, our scheduled speaker, due to the death of Hayes' family member.

Janet reported on the recent District East Civitan Convention in Raleigh attended by Janet, Mary Jane Gordon and Pattie Ward Miller.

In a short business session, the group voted to approve continuing to fund the following two items:

(1) Sno-Do (pronounced "snow dough") - a Junior Civitan International Fund Raising Event in Canada. Sno-Do is attended by more than 20 Junior Civitan Govenors and International Officers from the United States and Canada. This event is very important to the future of Civitan.

(2) Our national and international Award Winning Guilford College Community Civitan Club website. Recently awarded First Place again at the NCDE Civitan Convention.

          Quaker Quacker Newsletter

President Willie Pegram and President-elect  Janet Shepherd

     Upcoming Event:

  • Thursday, October 4, Karen Jenkins, Guilford Director, Forbis & Dick Funeral Service: "Preparing for the Final Finale"

September Birthdays: Jan Johnston, September 05; Ruby Cross, September 08; Peggy Riggs, Septmber 20

September Anniversary: September 12, Hayes & Nancy Ratledge- 65th Anniversary

Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, David Brown

Bill Riggs, Patricia Daye, Pattie Ward Miller and Dorothy Burnette

Becky Babaoff and Ron Leonard

Sally Moore, Mary Jane Gordon, Mae Brown and Mildred Mallard