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David & Mildred Mallard, Mae & Ash-Leigh Brown, Patricia Day, Dorothy Burnette, Pattie Ward Miller & Donna Fargis

Ron Leonard, Thelma Burritt, Jan & Chris Johnston, Janet Shepherd, Becky Baboff, Bill& Peggy Riggs

Group photo of Inner Rhythm Choir

  • Upcoming events:
  • Thursday, January 4, 12 Noon, regular club meeting, 12 Noon, NGFM
  • Thursday, January 18,12 Noon, regular club meeting, 12 Noon, NGFM
  • Thursday, February 1, 12 Noon, Clergy Appreciation Luncheon, NGFM

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Business Partner of Guilford College Community Civitan Club

Willie & Kay Pegram; Hayes & Nancy Ratledge

Chaplain Mildred Mallard, recognizing Pattie Ward Miller's 92nd birthday on December as she presents Pattie a card signed by all last members.

          Quaker Quacker Newsletter

David Brown and Patricia Daye

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Our next club meeting will be Thursday, January 4, 2018, 12 Noon, New Garden Friends Meeting

Our last club meeting was our Annual Christmas Dinner held at Lindley Park Baptist Church.

We always look forward to this meeting. By tradition our entertainment is always the Inner Rhythm Choir - it reminds us why we are Civitans.

Attendance at last meeting:

David, Mae & Ash-Leigh Brown;  Thelma Burritt; Dorothy Burnette; Mary Jane Gordon, Chris & Jan Johnston; Ron Leonard; Mildred & David Mallard; Roy & Sally Moore; Pattie Ward Miller; Nancy & Hayes Ratledge; Bill & Peggy Riggs; Janet Shepherd; & Becky Babaoff, Willie & Kay Pegram 

Inner Rhythm Choir sincing a Christmas song to the group


Business Partner of the Guilford College Community Civitan Club:

Forbis & Dick Funeral Service                                                                                                           Five  Generations of  Care and Commitment

  www,forbisanddick.com    336-275-8408


The Hospitality Committee started and took ownership of a new project of celebrating & recognizing birthdays of club members each meeting.  The committee members are David & Mae Brown, Mildred Mallard; Nancy Ratledge and Thelma Burritt.  At our Christmas Dinner, David and Mae made sure  birthday cards for Pattie Ward Miller; Mary Jane Gordon and Martha Stone had been signed by all in attendance. Mildred presented the cards and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Pattie and Mary Jane - Martha was out of town.