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Our Installation and Awards Celebration was LIVE on Zoom on Thursday, September 17. This was a historic first for our Installation event since our chartering 64 years ago.

Helga Fasciano, NC District East Governor for 2020-2021, masterfully guided us during the event. Our club members embraced this Zoom process enthusiastically.

Helga inducted our newest three members in to our club: Sadie Carter, Lynda Evans and Donna Fargis.

Perfect Attendance Awards went to Bill Riggs, 35 Years; Pattie Ward Miller, 42 Years and David Brown, 45 Years.

Helga announced Boys & Girls Homes for the "Love of Kids" Fellow was given to Sally Moore in appreciation of serving as Club President for 2019-2020.

Club officers and board members installed: President,  Sally Moore; President-Elect, Pat Daye; Secretary, Hayes Ratledge; Treasurer, Bill Riggs; Chaplain, Mildred Mallard; Sergeant-at-Arms, Ron Leonard; Board Members, Willie Pegram, Pattie Ward Miller and Nancy Ratledge

September Birthdays: Jan Johnston, Sept 5; Ruby Cross, Sept 8; Pegg Riggs Sept 20

October Birthdays: Pat Maguire, Oct 8; Hayes Ratledge, Oct 9; Willie Pegram, Oct 12; Jan Clifford, Oct 17; David Brown, Oct 27

The Zoom meeting was very successful. The Board will be making the decision about the next Zoom events

Our Business Partner

Forbis and Dick Funeral Service

5926 W. Friendly Avenue



Dorothy Burnette; Willie Pegram

Forbis & Dick

Funeral Service, Inc.



Business Partner of Guilford College Community Civitan Club

Dorothy Burnette; Willie Pegram

Chaplain Mildred Mallard with President-elect Patricia Daye

Incoming Governor 2020-2021. NC District East, Helga Fasciano

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{"For the Love of Kids" Fellow plaque for Sally Moore

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