Our speaker, Jane Gibson, Greensboro Hospice and PalliativeCare

The next meeting of the Guilford College Community Civitan Club will be our Annual Family picnic at Triad Park, Colfax., Thursday, June 1, 6:00 pm. We will be in shelter #1, the same as last year. Bring family members, neighbors and friends. Chef, President Willie Pegram will cook the hot dogs and hamburgers. 

At the last club meeting, we had a very interesting & informative program with Jane Gibson, Greensboro Hospice and Palliative Care. Jane talked about how to help and allow someone to grieve when they have a loss. The key is to be with them, don't try to fix it. Many times it can't be fixed - just be there, you don't even have to say anything, all that is needed is your presence. 

Club members in attendance: Mae & David Brown; Nancy & Hayes Ratledge; Peggy McGuire; Sally Moore; Karen Jenkins; Janet Shepherd; Dorothy Burnette; Ron Leonard; Bill Riggs; Pattie Ward Miller; Willie Pegram.

Janet had two of her close friends as guests, Martha Stone and Mary Jane Gordon.

Secretary Hayes Ratledge reported the slate of club officers for 2017-2018. The vote was unanimous in approval: President, Willie Pegram; President-elect, Janet Shepherd; Secretary, Hayes Ratledge; Treasurer, Bill Riggs; Chaplain, Mildred Mallard; Sergeant-at-Arms, Thelma Burritt; Immediate Past President, Pattie Ward Miller; Board Members: Dorothy Burnette, Peggy McGuire & Sally Moore.

Pattie Ward Miller reported on the District Meeting at Boys & Girls Homes. Among the awards our club received were Honor Club and Civitan at the Helm. Our club will be an honor club by being plus one in membership. Now, to also be a Distinguished Club President, he/she must have sponsored a new member.

Business Partner of the Guilford College Community Civitan Club:

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    Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, June 15, Bee Akins, Cone Health on mental health, 12 noon
  • Thursday, July 6, we will NOT meet due to July Fourth
  • Thursday, July 20, Regular Club Meeting, 12 noon,
  • Thursday, Aug. 3. 12 noon, NGFM,  Cone Health Wound Center: Tia Kelly, Progam Director & Jennifer Clay, Clinical  Nurse Manager

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Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, David Brown

Thelma Burritt; Nancy Ratledge; Ron Leonard;  Peggy McGuire

Martha Stone, David & Mae Brown and Mary Jane Gordon

Sally Moore, Karen Kenkins, Pattie Ward Miller, Dorothy Burnette, Bill Riggs

President-elect Janet Shepherd introducing our speaker, Jane Gibson with Greensboro Hospice