Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, David Brown

Janet Shepherd; Sue Harvey; Dale Metz; Willie Pegram; Hayes Ratledge

Our next club meeting will be Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hui (Stacey) Che, World Church Services will be our guest speaker.

Dale Metz and Sue Harvey, Herbin-Metz Education Center were guest presenters at our last Civitan Club meeting.

Dale and Sue, were great ambassadors and advocates for Special Needs education organizations such as Herbin-Metz, Gateway Education and After Gateway. Dale thank our club along, with other Civitan clubs for consistant financial and manpower support.

Sue's heart and efforts are working with kids who do not have any communication abilities.

Club Members present: Martha Stone; Mary Jane Gordon; Sally Moore; Dorothy Burnette; Thelma Burritt; Ron Leonard; Mildred Mallard; Pattie Ward Miller; Nancy & Hayes Ratledge; Janet Shepherd; Willie Pegram; Patricia Daye; David & Mae Brown.

David Brown, of the Hospitality Committee, presented Patricia Dale with a birthday card, signed my all present, in honor of her birthday on February 19. We all sang "Birthday Patricia". We also signed a birthday card for Chris Johnston, with a birthday on February 12. Since Chris was unable to be at the club meeting his card was mailed.

Sue Harvey, Principal of Herbin-Metz Education Center


Business Partner of the Guilford College Community Civitan Club:

Forbis & Dick Funeral Service                                                                                                           Five  Generations of  Care and Commitment

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  • Monday, March 5, Guilford County Civitan Council
  • Thursday, March 15, Bob & Jimmy Stimpson on their RV Trip through Alaska
  • Saturday, April 28, Spring District Wide meeting , Boys & Girls Homes, Lake Waccamaw
  • May, Joint Area 1 & 2 Meeting, First Baptist Church, 1000 W. Friendly Ave. (Actual day TBA by Area Director, A.J. Reynolds)
  • Thursday, June 7, Annual Family Picnic , Triad  Park

Pattie's next Hands-on-project  Committee meeting will be, Friday, March 23, 11:00 am, Libby Hill Seafood - to put together Easter Baskets for Urban Ministry & Pathways.


Ron Leonard & Sally Metz (Mae Brown at next table)

David Brown gives Patricia Daye a birthday card signed by all  present (President-elect  Janet Shepherd watches)

Dale Metz, owner of D.A.L.E. Inc and a member of Greensboro Civitan Club

Forbis & Dick

Funeral Service, Inc.



Business Partner of Guilford College Community Civitan Club

Janet Shepherd and Sue Marion

President Willie Pegram making annnouncements, along with Sue Harvey & Dale Metz with Herbin-Metz Education Center at the head table

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