Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, David Brown

Mildred Mallard; Martha Stone; David, Mae & Ash-Leigh Brown

Ron Leonard, Pattie Ward Miller; Dorothy Burnette and Bill Riggs

     Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, July 6, we will NOT meet due to July Fourth
  • Thursday, July 20, David & Ash-Leigh Brown, 12 noon,
  • Thursday, Aug. 3. 12 noon, NGFM,  Cone Health Wound Center: Tia Kelly, Progam Director & Jennifer Clay, Clinical  Nurse Manager
  • Thursday, August 17, Poet Lynne Bowman, 12 noon
  • Thursday, Sept. 7, Regular club meeting, 12 Noon
  • Thursday, Sept. 21, Installation & Awards Luncheon, 12 Noon, NGFM.  Incoming President traditionally chooses his/her installing officer.

Bee Akins, Cone Mental Health, was speaker at our last club meeting. Bee talked about how stress, anger, low self-esteem, hopelessness & other root causes can contribute to alcohol abuse, illicit use of drugs, diet & activity patterns, can end up in diabetes, stroke, heart and liver diseases, firearms, suicides. Recovery components can be many but must start with the individual & can be aided by peers, families, churches, hospitals, and communities.

"To Love is not to give of your riches but to reveal to ohers their riches, their gifts & their capacity to grow." (Jean Vanier, Founder, L'Arche Community).

President-elect Janet Shepherd introducing our speaker with Cone Menal Health, Bee Akins

Bee Akins, Cone Mental Health, speaking to our club

          Quaker Quacker Newsletter

President Willie Pegram & Secretary Hayes Ratledge

Our next club meeting will be Thursday, July 20, 12 Noon, New Garden Friends Meeting. Club members David Brown and his granddaughter Ash-Leigh Brown will present a program of their poems and other writings. This is a "don't miss" meeting.

Those in attendance: Mae & David Brown, Ash-Leigh Brown; Nancy & Hayes Ratledge; Peggy McGuire;  Martha Stone; Dorothy Burnette  Ron Leonard; Bill Riggs; Pattie Ward Miller; Willie Pegram; Mildred Mallard; Janet Shepherd.

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