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Mae and David Brown at the head table with their great-granddaughter.

Ron Leonard with Becky Babaoff.

Patricia Daye and Pattie Ward Miller

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The next Club Meeting will be Thursday, January 17, 12 Noon, New Garden Friends Meeting. Mildred Mallard, our club's chaplain will be presenting: "Religion of Islam: Part 2"

At our last club meeting, Mildred Mallard presented a program on the Beginnings of Islam. Mildred mentioned the three major religions: Christianity; Judaism and Islam with her focus on Islam.This was a very powerful program. Everyone wanted Mildred to conduct Part 2. She reported the major goal of Islam is to become the #1 religion. The statistics: 100,000 in U.S. convert each year with 90% being African-American

Those in attendance: David & Mae Brown and their great granddaughter Phoenix;  Willie Pegram; Ron Leonard; Mildred Mallard; Becky Babaoff; Pattie Ward Miller; Hayes Ratledge; Janet Shepherd; Patricia Daye; and  Frank Grant.

At a called Board of Directors meeting, a major event occurred. Over the years, our club has accumulated a large sum of money now in our investments. At our last meeting  President Janet Shepherd referred to this issue. Mildred Mallard recalled that Willie Pegram had suggested the five members in the club (who played a significant part in this accumulation of this wealth) be appointed as a committee to determine what should be done with the funds. At our board meeting, Mildred Mallard nominated a committee with the members to be: Willie Pegram, David Brown, Bill Riggs, Frank Grant and Hayes Ratledge . Their challenge to determine what should be done with the funds in our investments accounts. This motion was approved and the committee is now active and will report back to the board.

January Birthdays: Dorothy Burnette, Jan 1; Doris Grant, Jan 7; Peggy McGuire, Jan 17; Bill Riggs, Jan. 30

President Janet Shepherd welcoming everyone  to the first Civitan program of the New Year. Secretary Hayes Ratledge at the table as well.

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  Frank Grant with Willie Pegram

      Upcoming Events:                                       

  • Thursday, February 7, Clergy Appreciation Luncheon, 12 Noon, New Garden Friends Meeting. NCDE Chaplain, A.J. Reynolds, we be our speaker.
  • Thursday, February 21. Regular Club meeting, 12 Noon, New Garden Friends Meeting