Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, Ash-Leigh Brown

Upcoming April Birthdays of club members:
Joe Maguire, April 14; Ash-Leigh Brown, April, April 28

Mildred Mallard, Chaplain, receiving a Happy Birthday card from Sally Moore, President. Card was signed by all those present at meeting

Dorothy Burnette; Willie Pegram

Forbis & Dick

Funeral Service, Inc.



Business Partner of Guilford College Community Civitan Club

Dorothy Burnette; Willie Pegram

Bill Riggs, Pattie Ward Miller and Dorothy Burnette

Terri Dickson, Blue Moon Estate Sales, speaker at club meeting, March 5

          Quaker Quacker Newsletter

Bill Riggs and Willie Pegram

We are in a holding pattern concerning the next meeting of the Guilford College Community Civitan Club.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper must first mandate that groups of more than 10 people can again hold meetings.

We will then begin the  process of scheduling our Civitan club meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays  meetings of each month at noon at New Garden Friends Meeting, 801 New Gardem Road.

Hayes Ratledge, Club Secretary and Terri Jackson, (Blue Moon Estate Sales) our club speaker

Other Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, June 4, Annual Club Picnic
  • Thursday, Sept. 17, 12 Noon, NGFM. Installation & Awards Luncheon, Incoming  NC District East Governor, Helga Fasciano, Installing Officer.

Mildred  Mallard, Chaplain, presenting Happy Birthday card signed by all present at meeting to Patricia Daye, President-elect

Nancy Ratledge, Board of Diretors, and Ron Leonard, Sergeant-At-Arms

Broad overview of our club meeting room with Terri Jackson, of Blue Moon Estate Sales, our speaker for the day