Dorothy Burnette; Willie Pegram

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Dorothy Burnette; Willie Pegram

David Brown and Dorothy Burnette enjoying a great fellowship moment!

Treasurer Bill Riggs presenting his proposed budge to our club.

          Quaker Quacker Newsletter

Bill Riggs and Willie Pegram

In line to eat: Ron Leonard, Mildred Mallard, Pattie Ward Miller.

Our next club meeting will be a Joint Area 1 & 2 Meeting, Monday, November 25, 6:30 PM, First Baptist Church,1000 W. Friendly Avenue. Registration 6:15 PM. Cost $12.50 per person. Duane Capps, Past International President, Civitan International will conduct a workshop on the new, positive changes at CI.

Pattie Ward Miller, Patricia Daye, Bill Riggs, Sally Moore and Nancy & Hayes Ratledge will be attending representing our club.

Our last club meeting was a Business Meeting, conducted by President Sally Moore.

Those in attendanceClub members David, Mae & Ash-Leigh Brown; Patricia Daye; Ron Leonard; Mildred Mallard; Pattie Ward Miller; Sally Moore; Willie Pegram; Nancy & Hayes Ratledge; Bill Riggs; Martha Stone.

Club Treasurer, Bill Riggs presented his recommended Budget for 2019-2020. After very minor suggestions, budget was approved.

Autobell Car Wash Gift Cards, one of our major fundraising projects is underway. Hayes Ratledge, Project Chair, ordered 60 gift cards. Thanks to Jan Johnston for taking 20 gift cards! Individuals club members committed to taking the other 40 cards.

Chaplain, Mildred Mallard, presented a birthday card, signed by members in attendance to Sally Moore as we all sang Happy Birthday. A signed Happy Birthday card was mailed to Karen Jenkins.

Pattie Ward Miller; Dorothy Burnette and Patricia Daye, attend the NC District East Civitan Fall District Meeting in Garner.

President-elect Patricia Daye in a moment of reflection..

Secretary Hayes Ratledge making a plea to sign up for the Annual Christmas Dinner

Martha Stone - makes us all smile as she greats us with her warm personality.

Martha Stone; Mildred Mallard; Ash-Leigh Brown; Mae Brown

Willie Past President Willie Pegram sharing the history and continuing success of our Horse Show with Horsepower.

Secretary Hayes Ratledge and President Sally Moore

       Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, December 12,  5:30 pm, Annual Family Christmas Dinner. Lindley Park Baptist. Inner Rhythm Choir will be our Entertainment - we have 12 registered

Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, Ash-Leigh Brown

Ron Leonard, Mildred Mallard, Nancy Ratledge & Willie Pegram working on the buffet by J & S Cafteria

Martha Stone; Mildred Mallard; Ash-Leigh Brown; Mae Brown