Mildred Malllard, Chaplain, presenting signed Happy Birthday card by all members present to Sally Moore, President-elect.

Bill Riggs, Treasurer, presenting budget to club members for their approval - which was unanimous.

Pattie Ward Miller and Dorothy Burnette, both members of board of directors.

Martha Stone and Becky Babaoff, packing Samaritan's Purse Shoe Boxes

Janet Shepherd, Hayes Ratledge, Mary Jane Gordon with Samartin's Purse Shoe Boxes

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The next Club Meeting will be Monday, November 26, 6:30pm, Sharpe Road Baptist Church. This is a Joint Area 1 & 2 Meeting of the Civitan Clubs in the two areas and will take the place of our 2nd club meeting in November.

At our last club meeting on Thursday, November 1, we had a very active session without a speaker:

  • Celebrated the birthday of Sally Moore and Karen Jenkins
  • Treasure Bill Riggs presented & explained the  club budget for 2018-2019.
  • Budget was approved by members present
  • After our fellowship meal, we moved to the Fellowship Hall where President Janet Shepherd guided us through putting together 20 Samaritan's Purse shoe boxes.

Attendance at meeting: David & Mae Brown; Dorothy Burnette; Mary Jane Gordon; Mildred Mallard; Pattie Ward Miller; Sally Moore; Nancy & Hayes Ratledge; Bill Riggs; Janet Shepherd; Martha Stone

We will meet on Thursday, December 6, Fellowship Hall, Lindley Park Baptist Church, for our Annual Family Christmas Dinner, We will meet at 5:45 pm to enable us to finish our meal and be ready to gather in the sanctuary at 7:00 pm for the entertainment provided by the Inner Rhythm Choir.

Our by-laws state that we shall have only one club meeting in December. So, after the Annual Christmas Dinner, our next meeting will be Thursday, January 3, 2019.

December club birthdays: Martha Stone, Dec. 9; Pattie Ward Miller, Dec. 18; Mary Jane Gordon, Dec. 27.

Autobell Car Wash Gift Cards Fundraiser was a big success! We achieved an $800.00 profit. We will be returning the unsold gift cards to Autobell soon.  If  you need any more gift cards, let us know right away.

Packing ShoeBoxes: Milded Mallard; Martha Stone, Becky Babaoff; Dorothy Burnette; Pattie Ward Miller; Janet Shepherd, Mary Jane Gordon

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President Janet Shepherd; President-elect Sally Moore; Club Photographer, David Brown

Glimpse inside one of the Shoe Boxes

Fellowship meal: Mae Brown; Mildred Mallard; Martha Stone, Becky Babaoff

Janet Shepherd and Hayes Ratledge enjoying a laugh while photographer David Brown takes a photo

Mildred Mallard and Mary Jane Gordon

Upcoming Events:                                       

  • Monday, Nov. 26, Joint Area 1 & 2  Registration 6:30 pm Meeting 7:00 pm, Sharpe Rd., Baptist Church 
  • Thursday, Dec. 6, 5:45 pm Annual Christmas Dinner
  • Thursday, January 3, 2019 - Regular club meeting

Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, David Brown