Hayes Ratledge*; Willie Pegram; Pattie Ward Miller

Willie Pegram*; Pattie Ward Miller,
Hayes Ratledge

Pattie Ward Miller*;

Pattie Ward Miller*;Willie & Kay Pegram; Bill Riggs; Mae Brown, Peggy McGuire, Nancy Ratledge, All Members

Perfect Attendance
Hayes Ratledge*; Pattie Ward Miller, Willie Pegram

Autobell Car Wash
Hayes Ratledge*; Willie Pegram;
David Brown; Nancy Ratledge;
All Members 

Attractions Coupon Books
Willie Pegram*, ALL

Jan Johnston*, Pattie Ward Miller

Pattie Ward Miller*; Hayes Ratledge; David Brown; Willie Pegram, Irene Melton

Fruit Cake
Willie Pegram*; Bill Riggs

Club Photographer
David Brown

Food Committee  Janet Shepherd*,Thelma Burritt, Mildred Mallard

Autobell Car Wash  Hayes Ratledge*, Willie Pegram, Janet Shepherd


Willie Pegram, as President, select members of all



Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, David Brown

Descriptions of some of our major committees.

MEMBERSHIP: This committee shall investigate the eligibility of all persons proposed for membership and shall accept or reject such proposals. The names of those persons approved for membership shall be certified to the Secretary for action by the membership.

PROJECTS: This committee shall devise and consider suitable and appropriate projects and shall devise ways and means whereby definite interpretations of the aims and objects of the organization shall be given expression. Recommendations of the Projects Committee shall constitute the basis for consideration of all projects of the club. Adoption of a project shall require a two-thirds vote of the members present at the meeting to which the proposal is submitted.

PROGRAMS & ENTERTAINMENT: This committee shall arrange and have charge of all programs for the annual and regular meetings of the club. They shall also have charge of programs at all social functions, picnics, and parties of the club.

FELLOWSHIP & ATTENDANCE: This committee shall notify the club of any illness or distress existing among club members and send letters or flowers to such sick and bereaved members. They shall particularly devote their attention to the proper welcoming of new members, striving to encourage friendship among the members generally.

BUDGET & FINANCE: This committee shall prepare a budget of the estimated income and expenses of the club for the year. In the month of October each year, the Finance Committee shall cause an audit of the books to be made; the statement of such audit shall be read to the club at its annual meetings.

CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS: This committee shall give consideration to all proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws and report upon same to the Board of Directors.

PUBLICITY: The committee shall be responsible for supplying weekly notices concerning the club meetings to the local papers; and further, it shall disseminate all interesting information furnished to the committee by officers of the club, chairpersons of various committees or Civitan International.


2016-2017*Chairpersons and
(committee members)

Boys & Girls Homes                                          Pattie Ward Miller*                                              Willie & Kay Pegram    
Nancy & Hayes Ratledge

Candy Box
Bill Riggs* David Brown; 
Frank Grant; Howard Cross

Junior Civitan
Hayes* & Nancy Ratledge; 
Hugh Jernigan

Janet Johnston*, Mildred Mallard
Thelma Burritt

Finance & Investments
Bill Riggs* Willie Pegram;
Hayes & Nancy Ratledge;

Fruit Cake
Willie Pegram*

Horse Show/Program Ads
Willie & Kay Pegram* Peggy McGuire;
Bill Riggs; Hugh Jernigan; Frank Grant;
Peggy McGuire; All members

Constitution & By-Laws
Hayes* & Nancy Ratledge;
Pattie Ward Miller;
David Brown                     

Website & Newsletter
Hayes* & Nancy Ratledge;
Janet Shepherd

Willie Pegram*;Nancy Ratledge, David Brown, Joe Maguire; Chris & Jan Johnston

Meeting Room Preparation and Clean-up
Thelma Burritt*,Joe Maguire Hayes & Nancy Ratledge, Willie Pegram

New Club Building
Hayes & Nancy Ratledge*
Kay Pegram; David & Mae Brown;

Special Olympics
Nancy* & Hayes Ratledge;
Kay Pegram

Janet Shepherd*;  
David & Mae Brown; Willie Pegram ,