Board of Directors

President:  Willie Pegram

President-elect: Janet Shepherd

Hayes Ratledge

Bill Riggs

Mildred Mallard

Thelma Burritt

Immediate Past President                                     Pattie Ward Miller 336.275.2057                             

Club Officers & Board of Directors Members 2016-2017

Club Officers

Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, David Brown

Club Officers: 2017-2018: Dorothy Burnette, Pattie Ward Miller, Janet Shepherd (back: Zelma Higgins, installing officer), Thelma Burritt, Hayes Ratledge, Mildred Mallard, Nancy Ratledge, Sally Moore                                    

Terms expiring, September 2018

Dorothy Burnette

Nancy Ratledge

Sally Moore,

Terms of Board of Director Members are for two years. A member must stay off the board for at least one year. The By-Laws state that a member may not serve more than 3 consecutive years.