Current Roster of 36 Club Members

(May 27, 2017

Clyde C. Mangum, Jr.
Robert H. Mattox
Robert L. McKoin**
Joe A. Miller (d)
Thomas F. Morgan, Jr.
Lee H. Poole (d)
Charles G. Powell
J.P. Price (d)
Joel H. Radcliffe
Charles Robinson
G.R. Rumsey
Norman Ray Rumsey
Harold N. Sampson (d)
W. Brown Siler (d)
Frank Smith
F.J. Sorrell
Jay Allen Stone
Ralph D. Stout, Jr.
L.C. Thompson
Jack Tilley
W.R. Tilyard
Harold Tippett
Donald A. Tise
Matthew Topkins
Rev. J. L. Trollinger
Lawrence A. Wall
Billey Weisner
Ralph H. Weisner
Frank Williams
Harold T. Williams (d)
Marvin M. Wynne
Raymond W. Yates

​**Still active in the club.
​(d) deceased

The 65 Charter Members
Kenneth W. Bergman (d)
William Bledsoe
​Ralph C. Bowman

J.C. Braxton
Fred L. Bray, Jr.
Charles J. Bunch
Garland H. Caviness
Rosser B. Clark
Thomas B. Clark
W. L. Coltrane
O. Lloyd Cox
John B. Creech
David Cummings
H.A. Dameron, Jr.
Paul R. Edwards
T.A. Gibbs
Earl L. Greene, Sr.
R.G. (Buck) Harden (d)
​Richard C. Hassell
William A. Harman
Joseph S. Hedgecock
Calvin W. Hendrix
John S. Higgins
David E. Hodgin**
David Holton, Jr.
Norman Hunter
Paul H. Hunter
Raymond Kimble
Charles L. Knight
Clarence O. Knight
Cleo B. Knight
​C. Edwin Knight


Our club was all male from December 1956 until March 1994. Nancy Vaughn, daughter of club president, Bud Vaughn. joined our club March, 1994; Beth Dick, daughter of club secretary, Larry Dick, joined in January, 1997; Vi Kelley joined, with husband Roy, in November 1997. We currently have 19 females on our roster (out of 36 total).

Our first female officer holder was in 2001-2002 when Lucy Greene was our secretary. Kay Pegram in 2003-2004 was our first female president. Phyllis Shifflette, (2006) became our second female to hold that office, Nancy Ratledge, Kay Pegram, Pattie Ward Miller and Jan Johnston has also held the office.

Club Projects:

7Candy Boxes:
Sparky Harcum was one of the driving forces to start our Candy Box Sales. Starr Smith was chairman from 1980 through 1995. Currently we have 41 boxes out at different locations. For the last 10 years, Jay Martin & Bill Riggs have been our chairs, the club has been consistently #1 in NC District East, and in the top 5 in Civitan International. In 2005, we were #2 in Civitan International. In 2008, we were # 3 in Civitan International. Bill Riggs is now our Candy Box chair.

This year will be our 44th annual Horseshow.Our first show was in August, 1970. Club members Clarence Knight & Shube Clark were responsible for bringing the Show to our club. Charlie Frye was Show Manager for most of those years with Kay Pegram being Show Manager for the last three years.

Our one-day horseshow is approved by the American Quarter Horse Association. They arrange for the judges to be brought in as well as a secretary to keep the records for the association. Many times our Show has received a “perfect 10” score from the judges.

The community and business community are the major sources of support for our show purchasing ads in our Program Book with ad sales now totaling over $537,000.

Turkey Shoot:
30  conscecutive years (as of 2010)(We are taking a break to find a new location - the landlady of our leased property, sold the lot).Garth Payne was the club member who brought the Turkey Shoot to our club. After visiting several other Shoots, primarily the one at Summer, he convinced our club to start the project in 1979. Our first location was on the airport property and our first year the profit was $500. After being on the airport location for several years, we have moved four times over the years as “civilization” has encroached upon us. Currently our Shoot location is on Marshall-Smith Road where we have been for a number of years.

This project has consistently been our largest fund raiser. Our net profit is between $11,000 to $15,000 per year. It is also the project which has generated a lot of man hours and camaraderie. The Shoot runs for 13 weeks in the fall from September to early December.The Turkey Shoot has evolved into much more of a family, co-ed affair. Now many families come out to shoot as well as younger guys and gals with their dates. This is a very healthy situation and makes for much more of a friendly atmosphere. All that equals many more shooters.

Claxton Fruit Cakes:
We have our cakes in only two stores. We normally sold 2000 pounds when we had 15 stores.

TNT Fireworks:
Our first year was 2005. We had a net profit on $3200 in 2005 and $4000 in 2006. The project ran 9 days and we had the more club members working on this project that any other. It was intriguing and enjoyable. Due to the manpower requirements we discontinued the project after 2007.

Autobell Car Wash Tickets and Attractions Coupon Books Sales are two of our newest fund raisers.

Some Important Facts about our club and members:

  • Starr Smith, 99 years old, was president of the club in 1965-1966 amd Candy Box Chair for eight years. Still an active club member with 40 years perfect attendance, as of his death, January 3, 2010. Starr had been a champion club member for years, selling 550 pounds of fruit cake personally during 1970.
  • Lt. Governors, NC District East: Sparky Harcum, Fred Staley, Charlie Frye, Glen Layne, Pattie Ward Miller, Kay Pegram and Hayes Ratledge
  • NCDE Civitan of the Year: Charlie Frye, Sparky Harcum, & Paul Price
  • NC District East Honor Key: Coy Bovender, Charlie Frye & Hayes Ratledge
  • Distinguished Presidents: Sparky Harcum, Glen Layne, Hayes Ratledge, Charlie Frye, Kay Pegram, Phyllis Shifflette, Nancy Ratledge, Pattie Ward Miller, Willie Pegram
  • Life Members: Sparky Harcum, Harold Sampson, Brown Siler, Jack Hodgin
  • Our club was selected as NC District East Club of the Year in 1970 and again in 2003.
  • Shropshire Fellows: Paul Price, Robert McKoin & Charles Frye.
  • NC District East Scholarship Fellow: Robert McKoin
  • International Research Center Fellow: Sparky Harcum
  • Club Honor Key Holders: Harold Williams, Starr Smith, Paul Price, Charles Frye, Garth Payne, Sparky Harcum, Harold Sampson, Roy Kelley, Bill Riggs, Jim Light, Jay Martin, Roy Payne, Robert McKoin, Glen Layne, Hayes Ratledge, Hugh Jernigan, Larry Mallard, Maston Stone, David Hodgin, Chris Layne, Nancy Ratledge
  • We meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday, at noon New Garden Friends Meeting (church), 801 New Garden Rd, Greensboro
  • Special social events with spouses: Clergy Luncheon in February; Annual Club picnic in July; Installation Banquet in September; Christmas Dinner in December.
  • Seventeen of our current club members have held the office of president of our club, some multiple times.
  • The of our current members have perfect attendance of 25 or more years; David Brown, has 43 years.
  • We have met in seven locations: Friendship Methodist Church, Grange Hall, New Garden Friends Meetinghouse,
    Captain Bills Seafood, Horsepower, Libby Hill Seafood - now back at New Garden Friends (2012)
  • Our club website was selected as winner of First Place in the Outstanding Club Website competition, Civitan International for 2005-2006 & 2010-2011, 2011-2012
  • Our club won First Place (medium size club), NC District East Civitan Website Award in its inaugural year, 2010, 2011
    & 2012.
  • International Special Olympics

  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

  • MR Group Homes

  • Western Guilford High School

  • Katherine H. Lancaster Scholarship

  • Duke Children's Hospital

  • Annual Essay Contest

  • Junior Civitan Club

  • Teen Challenge – Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

  • HorsePower, Inc.,Therapeutic Riding-special needs persons

  • Boys and Girls Home of Lake Waccamaw

  • Baptist Children’s Home – Winston-Salem

  • YMCA Outdoor Center

  • Civitan International Research Center for physically & mentally challenged children & adults, Birmingham, AL

  • Gateway Education Center

  • ARC

  • Special Olympics

  • Ronald McDonald House

  • Hospice

  • Inner Rhythm – Special Needs

Club Budget: Our budget runs about $22,000 per year.

Some of the charitable causes supported by our fund raising projects:

List of Civitan Clubs we have sponsored over the years:

  • Colfax
  • Eden
  • Jamestown
  • Friendly Breakfast
  • Battleground
  • Friendship Ladies
  • Greensboro Singles (co-sponsored with Gateway)
  • Uptown Action
  • Summerfield
  • Premier

3 Past Civitan International Past Presidents visited our club on May 2, 2109: Horace Davis with back to camera facing Duane Capps, also back to camer, Joe Parker to Duane's right.

Name Change:

We changed our name to more accurately reflect the make-up of our membership. We are now the Guilford College Community Civitan Club.

During this name-change process, we received copies of the actual handwritten application forms the 65 charter members filled out to join Civitan.

Membership numbers: We started with 65 and now have 32 members. Answer to a trivia question as to how many members do we average losing each year? The answer is 2 ½.. We have to keep recruiting!

Hugh Jernigan with wife, Leila Mae. Hugh was a charter member of the club with 56 years perfect attendance before his death.

One Charter Member is still on our membership role as of May,2019

David Hodgin

Our club was founded December 15, 1956 with 65 members. The sponsoring club was the Hamilton Lakes Civitan Club. The ceremony was held in the Guilford High School Cafeteria. Harold Williams was our Charter president.

Luther Medlin, President of Civitan International, was the keynote speaker. He told the members “Membership in Civitan International is a challenge to service and the club is not merely a social organization but one devoted to civic service. You must be builders of good citizenship and must live up to the Civitan Creed, which is a challenge to service”.

We held our 50th Anniversary on Monday, December 8, 2016 at Lindley Park Baptist Church with 60 in attendance.

Duane Capps, President, Civitan International, 2016-2017 was our keynote speaker.

History of the Guilford College Community Civitan Club

Celebration of Starr Smith's 99th birthday during Nancy Ratledge's presidency. Starr, 3rd from left, front row holding plaque, died January 28, 2010 

Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, Ash-Leigh Brown

Club Presidents Guilford College Community Civitan Club:

1956 – 1958 Harold Williams
​1958 – 1959 Joe Miller​
1959 - 1960 Don Baxter
1960 - 1961 Charles Knight
1961 - 1962 Dave Hodgin. Jr.
1962 - 1963 Jack Tilley
1963 - 1964 Lee Poole
1964 - 1965 Dave Meredith
1965 - 1966 Starr Smith
1966 - 1967 Col. John Homewood
1967 - 1968 Paul Price
1968 - 1969 Ralph Weisner
1969 - 1970 Charles Frye
1970 - 1971 Ralph Crews
1971 - 1972 Spurgeon Harcum, Jr.
1972 - 1973 Garth Payne
1973 - 1974 Bob Bowman
1974 - 1975 French Wells
1975 - 1976 Dan Wells & James Turner
1976 - 1977 Ralph Cummings. Jr.
1977 - 1978 Dan Dunkel
1978 - 1979 Wiley Crutchfield
1979 - 1980 Larry Dick
1980 - 1981 Roy L. Payne
1981 - 1982 Bill Riggs
1982 - 1983 Jim Turner
1983 - 1984 Bill Smith
1984 - 1985 Dan Van Orsdale
1985 - 1986 M. D. Burkholdcr

  • Babaoff, Rebecca
  • Brown, Ash-Leigh
  • Brown, David
  • Brown, Mae
  • Burnette, Dorothy
  • Burritt, Thelm
  • Clifford, Jan
  • Conrad, Kenny
  • Cross, Howard
  • Daye, Patricia
  • Grant, Frank
  • Hodgin, David (c)
  • Jenkins, Karen
  • Johnston, Chris VII
  • Johnston, Chris
  • Johnston, Trish
  • Johnston, Jan
  • Leonard, Ron
  • Light, Jim
  • Mallard, Daniel
  • Mallard, Mildred
  • Martin, Nan Ratledge
  • Maguire, Joe
  • McGuire, Peggy
  • Melton, Irene
  • Miller, Pattie Ward
  • Moore, Sally
  • Payne, Garth
  • Pegram, Kay
  • Pegram, Willie
  • Puckett, J.T.
  • Ratledge, Hayes
  • Ratledge, Nancy
  • ​Riggs, Bill
  • Shepherd, Janet

​(c) Charter Member

Hayes Ratledge, Secretary & Webmaster
Guilford College Community Civitan Club


​Phone: 336-299-3976

1986 - 1987 Roy Payne
1987 - 1988 Frank Grant
1988 - 1989 Lee Long
1989 - 1990 Charles McCracken
1990 - 1991 Garth Payne
1991 - 1992 Herman Wyatt
1992 - 1993 Larry Barlowe
1993 - 1994 Bud Vaughn
1994 - 1995 Herman Wyatt
1995 - 1996 Robert McKoin
1996 - 1997 Fred Staley
1997 - 1998 Glen Layne
1998 - 1999 Dan Swayngim
1999 - 2000 Glen Layne
2000 - 2001 Glen Layne
2001 - 2002 Hayes Ratledge
2002 - 2003 Charles Frye
2003 - 2004 Kay Pegram
2004 - 2005 Willie Pegram
2005 - 2006 Mike Crook (resigned, health, Jan 9,06)
2006 - 2006 Phyllis Shifflette-
​became president 1/9/06
2006 - 2007 Ed Shifflette
2007 - 2008 Kay Pegram
2008 - 2009 Bill Riggs
2009 - 2010 Nancy Ratledge
2010 - 2011 Phyllis Shifflette
2011 - 2012 Kay Pegram
2012 - 2013 Joe Maguire
​2013 - 2014 Willie Pegram