In 2018, our club placed in 3nd Place in Civitan International

At our District Convention, August 24-26, 2012, our club was in 1st place in Candy Box receipts, NC District East.

At the 2011 Civitan International Convention in New Orleans, our club was awarded 3rd place in Candy Box Sales.

At the 2009 Civitan International Convention in Cancun, Mexico, our club was awarded 2nd place for Candy Box Sales.

At the 2006 Civitan International Convention in Detroit, Michigan, our club was awarded the President's Award , 2nd Place, for Candy Box Sales in Civitan International. The award was given for 2004-2005.

Committee Members:
Bill Riggs (Chair)
Howard Cross
Frank Grant
David Brown

Bill Riggs is current Candy Box Chair

The candy for our Candy Boxes come from Sams Club

Thanks to Our Supporting Business (Current & Past).

Tahi's Restaurant - Battleground Avenue
Mahi's Restaurant - Lawndale
AvenuePostNet - Brassfield Avenue
High Point Furniture - Baker
RoadKing's Chinese Restaurant - Guilford College Crossing
Lubranos - Battleground Avenue
Kiha of Japan - High Point Road
Clarence's Restaurtant - Ridgeway, VA
J Butler's - New Garden Road
A&M Restaurant - New Garden Road
Libby Hill's Seafood - Reidsville
Libby Hill's Seafood - Cotswald Avenue
Libby Hill's Seafood - Randleman Road
Libby Hills Seafood Express - High Point Road
Chick-Fil-A - Battleground Avenue
Chick-Fil-A - W. Friendly Avenue
Jan's Cafe - W. Friendly Avenue
Wachovia Bank - W. Friendly Avenue
​First National Bank - New Garden Road
BB&T - Battleground
BB&T - High Point Road
BB&T - College Road
BB&T - Vanstory Road
CCB - Battleground
CCB - College Road
Herbie's Cafe - Battleground
Southern Comfort Kitchen - Friendly Avenue
​Pizza Inn - Summit Avenue
Danny's Restaurant - New Garden Road
Oakcrest Restaurant - Battleground Avenue
Griffin's - Guilford College Shopping Center
J&S Cafeteria - High Point 
Shoney's - Highway 68
Guilford Builders Supply
Guilford Garden Center - Guilford College Shopping Center
Jan's House - W. Market Street
Tex's and Shirley's - Friendly Shopping Center
Farmers Market Restaurant - Sandy Ridge Road
​Mexican Restaurant - Oak Ridge

 Current Candy Box Chair, Bill Riggs 

Candy Box Project

... One mint at a time!

Jay Martin, past chair, and Bill Riggs, current chair of our Candy Box Chairman. Under Jay's and Bill's guidance our club has been the top club in candy sales in North Carolina District East Civitan International for the last eight years. We have also been in the top five in sales for all of Civitan International for the previous eight years.

​Bill Riggs is our current chair. Currently our club has 42boxes in various businesses throughout the area. The boxes are being serviced by club members Bill Riggs. Howard Cross, David Briwb and Frank Grant.

Civitan's Candy Box is one of the most important source of funds for our club. Civitan volunteers place and maintain a candy box in local restaurants and shops. Candy mints are provided with the expectation that pocket change is left in the coin collection container. Box and candy are provided by our International organization.

Net income from the project to our club averages $3,300 per year.

Our club keeps .25 cents of every dollar to be used exclusively for projects to help people with developmental disabilities and physical handicaps. The remaining .75 cents is forwarded to our International organization where approximately .47 cents pays for the cost of candy, boxes and freight. The remaining .28 cents is placed in the Civitan International Foundation which supports the Civitan International Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This is Civitan's flagship project.

Without the help of local businesses, this project would not work. Patrons of these establishments are the winning partner. Without their change, we could not change lives.

Candy Box

Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, Ash-Leigh Brown

 Bill Riggs is our current Candy Box Chair