Webmaster & Editor, Hayes Ratledge; Photographer, David Brown

Project Chair, 
Hayes Ratledge

Chair: Hayes Ratledge, chair reported that we our Annual Autobell Car
Wash in October-November each year has been very successful

Our profit for the first four years has been $561; $636; $825 and $711. Super Wash Tickets now sell for $16.95. We still keep 50% of the proceeds from each ticket. The Super Wash tickets retail for $15.95 and our club kept 50% of the proceeds from each ticket sold. Our order is for 104 tickets. One year we sold out and placed a 2nd order.

Our goal is to have one Autobell Car Wash project each year.

To inquire about having a Autobell Car Wash Fund Raiser for your non-profit organization: www.autobell.com

AutoBell Car Wash